Holden VT-VX -VU Commodore with the LS1 engine only.


Electric Fan Modification

To make your Low Speed Fans work when you need to cool down your car engine quickly after drag or street racing , you can do this modification with the one hour using following parts:

1-10 amp Rated  12 Volt D.C. Switch.

6 amp 11/0.25 Black wire in colour 4 Metres in length.

1 Scotch wire Crimp.

2 lug to suit Switch and wire.

1- 8 mm Hole lug for Earth point.

Black Electrical tape.

Electrical Pliers, 10,13 mm spanner, Stanley knife, Battery drill and bits, Large Slotted & Phillips Screwdriver.

1. First locate the fuse box on the left hand side of car, looking at the engine.

2. Remove the 10 mm bolts to the fuse box and lift up the Circular Electrical duct beside the suspension tower.

3. Remove the Battery Clamp Bolt with the 13 mm spanner and move the battery over to the front of the car a bit , this will give you some room when lifting the fuse box up, as the cables need to come up beside the battery and the window screen filler bottle.

4.Cut the electrical tape below the fuse box, as the bunch of cables below this are folder back and tape, this will give you extra length on the cables to lift up the fuse box.

5. Locate the BLUE RELAY and look for a small cable below this relay, the colour is Orange/Black wire.

6.Next run 2 black wires, to your switch located at the dash, you can get the wire through the black grommet on the left hand side looking at the engine below the electrical plugs.(Note to make easy pull on the three plugs in this location to gain extra room.

7. Wire up the switch with the lugs and finish off.

8. Use the Scotch wire crimp and crimp onto the Orange /Black wire with the new wire to your switch on the dash.

9. Hook up the other black wire to a good earth point.

10. Note this switch can be used with the ignition switch off so don't forget about it or you will have a flat battery within 1 hour.

Below is some photo's, with instruction on them, so download these photo's and electrical drawing to help you out.


This mod is not to made a profit from, so if any company is selling this, they are stealing from me.
Please email me, if you know of any company that is selling this mod to you.