This is the LS1 Nos Dry system kit for the Commodore here in Australia the system is off the latest Camaro in the States fully imported by C&V PERFORMANCE in Sydney.

Full bottle of Nitrous gas included in the cost, to refill a 15 kg bottle cost $88.00, with at least 15 runs minimum down the 1/4 mile.

With the smallest jets in the Nos system the rear wheel gain of 30 RWKW or 40.2 H.P was achieved with only 700 kpa in the bottle at the time of the test. For optimum performance from Nos the bottle temperature much be warmer to achieved 900-990 kpa which provides more pressure, which is more Nos through the solenoids, which gives more POWER!

To get the bottle warm a electric blanket is wrapped around the bottle.

Now let get some figures straight 212.2 RWKW x 1.34=284.3 RWHP REAR WHEELS Using 22 lb injector's.

Or at flywheel 212.2 RWKW x 2.85= 604.77 divided 2 = 302.385 KW x 1.34= 405.19 HP @ ENGINE!


For starter, i have only had the smallest jets 0.028 installed, till i can drive this BEAST, with more experience i will upgrade to the next size, Note some mods are required, there is three size's jets in this kit.

This is the Tuning Suggestion for the Nos Kit #5177 which have three size's in this kit.

Jet Setting
Nitrous Jetting HP at Optimum Pressure Fuel Quality Ignition Timing Plugs Injectors
0.028 75 HP 92 + Octane stock stock Standard Injectors
0.030 85 HP 92 + Octane stock stock Standard Injectors
0.032 100 HP 92 + Octane stock stock Standard Injectors

Nos1.jpg0.028 jets 22 lb's injector's 221.jpg0.030 jets 30 lb's injector's 232.jpg0.032 jets 30 lb's injector's

Final result is 232 RWKW x 2.85 = 661.2 divided by 2 = 330.6 KW x 1.34 = 443 HP @ Engine.

New upgrade:- Replace 1 off the 0.32 jet with a modified one been upgrade to 0.34 jet, now it is mixed with the 0.32 jet cause my new result of 244.5 RWKW 244.5jpg

New Final result is 244.5 RWKW x 2.85 =696.825 divided by 2 =348.4 KW x 1.34= 466.8 HP@Engine.

airbox.jpgfuel pressure.jpgmicroswitch.jpgmyengine.jpg

This is the way to go FULL wet system from the States.

I remove all the Nitrous gear to make way for my Vortech Blower.