MAF Pipes

Ok we have to different type MAF pipes which are for sale on the market:- The first one on the market was the Sik Industries MAF pipe.

Then follow by Conrod Motorsport (CMS) Adrenalin MAF pipe new on the market, just released.

So far both make the same Kilowatt's gain which is about 5-7 kw's.

Here are the photo's of CMS Adrenalin Pipe
This pipe start at $135.00 in undercoat, around $165.00 in black paint

New Carbon Fibre Adrenalin Maf Pipe cost around $195.00 mark.cmscarbon.jpgcmscarbon1.jpgcmscarbon2.jpg

Next is the Sik Industries MAF pipe, cost is $92.00

delivered last time i was told.

To contact CMS on 02 9756 1880 or at Unit 22 93/97 Newton Rd Wetherill Park 2164 N.S.W