Holden Commodore V8 5.7 GEN III Computer Mode

Holden VT-X-U-V2 Commodore With LS1 engine only!

Computer Mode

To turn on your computer mode in your car and do diagnosis while driving is as simple as pushing two buttons, and turning the ignition key.

First hold the the MODE button and the UP ARROW button together and turn on the

IGNITION the display area will show the following displayfull16.jpg my car show 980729

Next press the MODE button again,again to display each window Pn5353 full15.jpg

I will display the whole list start with the first display:-

Initial Display=Software Date  980729     29/07/1998

Part Number:Pn5353

Mode Switch Voltage: v- - -5.0

Battery Voltage : vB 14.3v if you press the Arrow UP you should see another voltage -U-2.5V this is for the Up voltage of this button operation.
 if you press the Arrow DOWN you should see another voltage --d 1.6 V this is for the Down voltage of this button operation.

Petrol Sender Voltage : vP 2.3v

LPG Sender Voltage : vL 5.0v

Remaining Fuel: f 48.5 l

Instantaneous Fuel : f 2.1 l/h litres per hour and once driving it will change to litres per kilometres.

Coolant Temperature: 78 c

Speedo: 10k/mh

Tacho: t 3000

Park Lamps: P on / P off

Dash Trouble Codes ( Press Up/Down to Scroll Through) E00 - -E01- - E02- - E03- - through to E31
Click Here for the DTC Codes for the dash.

The last display will cause the WHOLE display to GAUGE TEST itself, by lighting up all internal lights and move all temp, tacho,speedo, and fuel to middle range, extra lights like LPG and ABS will be tested by this and plus the buzzer will sound as well.

The last step and this is to reset your computer back the normal DISPLAY, this is done by turning off your ignition or holding both up and down arrow together with DISPLAY in NORMAL MODE straight away, or just restart the engine when your ready will bring it up in NORMAL MODE.