Holden Commodore VT V8 5.7 GEN III Cold Air Induction

Fitting Instructions for SS Induction CID

In you kit you should receive:

1 x Induction

1 x Intake Tube

1 x Air Scoop

4 x Plastic Clips

3 x Screws

2 x Speed Clips

4 x Washers

1. Remove the black cover by removing the 4 clips. Remove intake tube to airbox (located beside air box)

2. The air scoop is fitted to the air conditioning condenser, which is located directly in front of the larger-sized radiator.


Line up 2 of the holes on the air scoop to the holes on the top of the air conditioning condenser and attach with speed clips (these are fitted from the rear ) and 2 of the screws provided.

Note:- That Holden have made several changes to the air conditioning condenser and it may be necessary to drill additional holes in the air scoop on order to line up with existing holes in the condenser. Tension as required with care, washers have been provided if required.

3.Locate the black panel, which sits on top of the radiator. Using a Stanley Knife and with one straight movement from one side to the other, cut the black panel following the line at the second highest point at the REAR of the radiator. (Approx 5mm down from the top. )


Once cut you will be able to see the top and behind the radiator.

4. Fit intake tube into air box.

5. Put the new cold air induction into locate and secure with the 4 plastic clips provided.

6. Drill through the hole at the far RHS of the induction and secure with the remaining screw provided.