Speedometer Calibration

Speedometer Calibration REV 3

Go to your Holden Dealership to change you PPK to the following
(Pulses Per Kilometres)

Original Diff ratio in Automatic is 3.07
Original Diff Ratio in Manual

Diff you can change to Auto 3.46, 3.73
Diff you can change to Manual
3.73, 3.91

First ask your Holden Dealer to see what
PPK are on you car, via the Tech 2, note the number down.
Say you get
6301, next divide with the Original Diff Ratio, say is was 3.07.
3.07 = 2052.442996742671009771986970684
Next we need to multiply with the New Diff Ratio, say
2052.442996742671009771986970684 x
3.73 = 7655.6123778501628664495114006515
just make it
As the car computer limit is 7500, it is the limit you can adjust the PPK's.
So enter
The computer is limit to 21% so a 3.46 you would be able to get it spot on.

Let try it now.

Say you want to installed a 3.46 diff in your Auto which has a 3.07 diff Original.
Next get your need to check what PPK's you have Original before you start
Here is the list below look up your car with what diff you have.

Say it is
6301 PPK's
Next we need to divide the
6301 ppk with the Original Diff Ratio 3.07

6301/3.07 = 2052.442996742671009771986970684
Next we need to multiply with the NEW Diff ratio.
2052.442996742671009771986970684 x 3.46 = 7101.4527687296416938110749185668
Just make it
this is the NEW PPK's number to be entered into the computer via the Tech 2

I spoke to a Holden Dealer about the PPK's setting using this method, and found some car's have got different PPK's from factory
Because of different tyre size, just use this equation, and don't forgot to make sure you use the Original PPK's via Tech 2.

I don't take any responsibility for any misleading information, please check your speedo on a dyno.