How to make your own

Custom Thermostat

thermo-320.jpg The thermostat on the LS1 engines are designed in one piece which includes the outer casing.
thermoguts-320.jpg The Thermostat can easily be dismantled by twisting out the upper portion which holds the springs down as shown.
thermohousing-320.jpg The wax which controls the opening and closing of the thermostat through it's expansion if inside the casing. You'll notice the channel at the bottom of the casing.
thermoinside-320.jpg Here you can see how the plunger which control the opening and closing of the valve falls into this channel.
thermomodpiece-320.jpg To make the thermostat opening earlier it is quite simple. All we need to do is make the plunger longer causing the wax to open it earlier. This can be accomplished by placing a spacer at the bottom of the channel where the plunger sits. People have found that using a spacer of 1.5-2.2 mm will yield a thermostat which will open between 172-180 degrees.