Holden Commodore VT V8 5.7 GEN III Ported Throttle Body

Price start around $500 for this modification, the gain from this mods is at the bottom of this web page.

Fitting Instructions :- 

1. First remove the Holden cover with a 10 mm socket
2. Remove the intake tube with a flat screwdriver and unplug the electrical connection to the Mass Air Flow sensor.    
3. Remove the electrical connections on the right hand side of the throttle body 1 at the top and 1 at the bottom.                                 
4. Remove the pcv hose from the top of the throttle body and the accelerate cable by twisting the linkage around to remove the cable.
 5. Place an old rag or blanket under the throttle body so you can't lose any bolts, (Note if you don't put a rag or sometime under the throttle body don't blame me if you lose a bolt) next start remove the three bolts around the throttle body, one at the top and one on either side of the throttle body.
 6. The New Ported Throttle Body should be checked for any foreign matter and be clean on the fitting surface proceed in fitting the throttle body to the car in the reverse order.

tb4.jpgtb5.jpgClick to enlarge

Ported Throttle Body Power Gain

The new Ported Throttle Body fitted, i was not impressed with the dyno reading:- a gain between the Red and Purple run showing 6.8KW or 9.11HP, I did a back to back run with the new Ported Throttle Body this is between the Purple and the Blue run the different was 3.6KW the time between these run was 2 minutes so the temperature could be the problem here. The Ported Throttle Body DON'T HAVE A NEW BUTTERFLY AT ALL i paid $800.00 for so 6.8KW gain that around $114.00 a kilowatt a bit costly if you want to do this mod. The throttle body below has only been ported in the front section, and with the main shaft has been grounded to increase the flow rate up to 1100CFM.