Transmission Upgrade

Upgrading the Turbo Hydramatic 700 (TH700) nickname to 4L60E in the VT-VX-VU Holden Commodore.
Because of the Electric Control lockup Torque Convertor.

This upgrade is recommend if you are Supercharging, Turbo charging or Nitrous Oxide the LS1 engine.
Also this upgrade has been tested in a my Car for over 1 year now, not 1 problem at all.

All the parts are from PowerShift here in Sydney you can look at they web site at

Here is a list of the components that made up the upgrade kit and are from Powershift.

Part 17715 TH700 Super Input Drum
Part 17595 TH700 Sprag Assemble Heavy-Duty
Part 17710 TH 700 Super Sungear Shell
Part 17701 TH700 Hi-Output Pump Kit
Part 17255 TH700 2nd / 4th Band
Part 17007 TH700 Super Servo
Part 74443K TH700 8 Pack R/B 3rd / 4th Kit

More Pictures and where it was done at.

If you need to contact them

Powershift Automatic Parts
ABN 41 587 452 213
02 9913 2469
Mobile 0414 654 327
Fax 02 9913 9738
Email :