Gen 3 O2 Sensor Mod

This mod is for the person who want to keep a close eye on your Generation 3 engine O2 Sensor's, especially at WOT ( Wide Open Throttle).
I have been through 1 set of O2 Sensor's already,(Faulty) if only i had this Meter to read my O2 sensor's from new i would of had pick this up, (unless i had a Diagnosis program like Autotap for $500.00 dollars later, compared to this mod only cost me $90.00 not including labour, not hard to install by yourself in a couple of hour's) that the car was not performing right.

This Mod consist of a 1 volt D.C. EMA 1710 Volt Meter from http://www.Autospeed .com
This Meter is from LASCARE
1 - 560 Ohms Resistor
1- 2 Pole Double Throw Switch
1 - Green Led ( Light Emitting Diode)
5 Metre's - 2 core screened cable Red/Black
This stop any interference, from any other power supply, good
insurance that the O2 sensor work correctly.
This Meter is so accurate, tolerance is within 1 %.
This meter can display your O2 Sensor's with a sample rate of 10 sample's per second.
Excellent to use at the drag's or to keep and eye on what happening with your 02 sensor's

If you need to tune your car properly i would recommend you purchase a WB ( Wide Band)O2 Sensor and Unit.

Here is the finish installation of the O2 Sensor in place with a Green Led to indicate the opposite O2 Sensor with the flick of a switch.

Here is the Wiring Diagram

This mod is not to made a profit from, so if any Company that is selling this they are stealing from me, and i mean it.
Please email me, if you know of any Company that is selling this mod to you, for a profit.