Holden Commodore VT V8 5.7 GEN III Throttle Body By-Pass

Materials Required: a pencil that all


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Fitting Instructions:-

NOTE: Important doing this modification when the engine is COLD only, don't try to do it when it is Hot, or you will scold yourself.

1. Remove the inlet duct to the throttle body and mass air flow sensor using a screwdriver, using a twisting motion to remove it.

The coolant lines are on the underside of the throttle body, one is on the passenger's side, and the other on the driver's side.

 2. Undo the hose that connects the throttle body on the passenger side first, and plug hose with a pencil.  NOTE:- so coolant will run out of the radiator through the throttle body pipe so be quick in disconnect the next hose which the next step.

3. Remove the small hoses on the right hand side of throttle body.

4. Connect the hose with the pencil into the right hand side of the throttle body pipe.

5. Cable tie the hose to the power steering bracket this will kept the hose straight so the water can flow to the top of the heads NOTE:- allow for the inlet duct be replace so cable tie the by-pass hose to the lower part of the power steering bracket.