The first problem with the Generation 3 is the Air intake, Holden try there
best to provide Cold Air to the Gen 3 engine, but SAS(Silverwater Automotive Service)
Found a better way of feeding Cold Air to the Gen 3 with the introduction of they
The below Photo's were taken from one of the guy's car on LS1 Forum.
Plus my car to give you more detail on how to fit it.

The above photo is the new adaptor fitted to the existing airbox
it has been pop-riveted to the outside of the box.
Next i cut the middle bit out with a hacksaw blade.

As you can see the adaptor plate is made from stainless steel,
the support brackets of the airbox had to be removed to accommodate
the plate which has a 4 inch outlet on it.

In this photo you can see the template been layout so i can trace
the outline of the template prior to cutting.

Next you can mark area which need to be remove
with a air hacksaw, and grinder did the job.

Just need to clean up the hole and paint the edge
to prevent the steel edge from rusting.

Notice how the pipe turn downward, the installation requires a 4 inch hole to
be cut through the inner guard.
Also the side of the air box require to pop rivet a laser cut adapter plate.
Before you pop rivet the plate you got to enlarge the hole for this plate.
This plate accommodate the end of the 4 inch pipe into the existing
air box.

This show you the underside of the pipe that is turn downward
through the guard, this photo was taken while the car was on a hoist
shown a upward view.

This photo shown you this drain hole that will prevent water from
seating in the lower section of this Cold Air Induction.

This photo is where the pipe turn a corner to pick the cold air from the front of your car.
It is held in place between the front spoiler and the front radiator support panel
This prevent it from falling out of the car.

This front on shot of car show the end of the intake of the SAS CAI
in the lower right hand side of the front spoiler.



The Cost to purchase is as follows

 SAS CAI   $260.00
 SAS Adaptor    $44.00
 TB To Airbox   $150.00
 Clips for TB &AB   $9.85


This is also SAS new Throttle body to MAF pipe as well.
This replaces the original Holden part, it is larger in diameter, then the original.
If you need this
CAI just ring SAS on the following number.

Silverwater Automotive Service
No.1/141 Silverwater Road
Silverwater N.S.W

(02) 9748 1300


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