Power Steering Mod

When to HDT/HSV day at Eastern Creek Raceway to watch Standard and Modified
car compete in a 4 laps at a time, race around the track.

The end result was i Commodore GTS there with the bonnet up and transmission fluid
everywhere, the cause the Power Steering boil over, so i when home and decide to install a left over
Trans cooler i had lying around.

So i decided to install it place on the OEM unit on the car which is only a loop of pipe.
This will reduce fluid temperature, which will aid the power steering unit, and prevent it from boiling over.

You see here i had to extended the existing hoses to the front of the car,
the hoses that i used are a smaller size, i had to use brass adaptor to
connect the 2 different size hoses.

Here you can see i got a transmission cooler behind the new power steering cooler.

Hoses are connected now, it a matter of topping up the fluid and replacing the front bumper bar.

If you not sure of any part of this Mod, you can email me below.