Exhaust System

Extractors and Exhaust system:- Using Direct Jet-Hot Extractors and Custom twin 2 1/2' into a 3' exhaust to mufflers.

The equation is :- For Auto VT,X,U ,V2 Commodores:- The Total Rear Kilowatts divided 2 then multiply by 2.85 = Total Kilowatts at Flywheel.

To work this out Total Kilowatts for Auto :- 191.7 RWKW divided by 2= 95.85 kw x 2.85 = 273.17 KW or 366.327 HP =Kilowatt at Flywheel.

This dyno reading was not from NEW the car had the MAF upgraded fitting at time of this dyno was done.

Extractors and Exhaust system, Rear Wheels Max Power=191.7 RWKW @5343 RPM or 257.07 RWH.P

Max Torque=1062.4 Nm@1871 RPM

Run 1 in Red colour.180.5 RWKW with the MAF fitted

Run 2 in Blue colour 191.7 RWKW with the MAF and Exhaust system.

A gain of 11 RWKW and a gain of 15.6 KW@engine and a gain of 8 Nm of torque top end and around the mid range a gain of 20 RWKW and 50 Nm torque.
This gain is from the same day bolt-on parts, the PCM would now need to learn the New exhaust over 1 month to gain maximum horsepower.
The final gain was 196RWKW. Click here to see Dyno sheet.

Note:- The dip in the graph at the start is the operator slip of the gas! i was told.