T e c h n i c a l 

In this page you shall find alot of stuff to do with setup installs and also modifications such as your "bolt on" modifications.
Please click on the appropriate link below to view each item

                                    My Car in General                                     

PCM reset    
MAF upgrade  
Cold Air Induction upgrade 
Oil sump modification

Ported throttle body upgrade 
Transmission upgrade

Throttle body by-pass upgrade 
CMS fuel rail modification

MAF internal modification  
MAF pipes 
PCV modifications

 LS1 cut-away
Electric Fan modification
  3-window dash installation

Exhaust system  
Chevrolet engine parts

Check your fuel mileage
 O2 sensor modification

Calibration for diff ratio change 
Thermostat modification 
 PCM connections

The Australia LS1 Cam Installation
Engine Compression Test for LS1
Computer mode
 New Pcv Mod 
Adjusting Rockers  
 SAS Cold Air Induction

  Power Steering Mod

Don't buy one of these
LS1 Valley Cover Plate
Nos My Car
Vortech Blower V2 my Car